I do not know for sure what will happen in the coming months and years. I am fairly certain that this current “era” of human civilization is nearing its xenith.

That being said, I want to believe that people will respond to crisis with strength, calmness, awareness and cooperation – and to do all this WITHOUT the need for FEMA camps and other bullshit forms of authority or compulsion.

But what if we have forgotten HOW to be self-reliant, morally aware, and compassionate humans?

What if we no longer know how to be people who can live with each other without some over-lord telling us what to do?

Statism is facing its greatest threat and I have no doubt the systems that people depend upon are falling apart and will disintegrate, completely, for a while.

What I don’t know for sure is how people will react…

Will people go nuts?

Will it be “neighbor against neighbor”?

Or, is it possible that we can learn new and more functional ways of living together?

I want to believe a freer, more peaceful, more loving world follows. But my own fears rise to the surface, during moments of solitude, and I really don’t know…

So, for the worst case scenario, peruse this collage of insanity below – but please try to click on the link and read Professor Davies (1962) article.

I think Davies knew what was coming, eventually, to America…

Peace… (I hope)





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